Funny Pictures

Playing Catch That Cheeto

Did I ever mention to you how cute Boston Terriers are? Oh, I see. Well I just have to say it again, this is such a cute little Boston Terrier.

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This cute little Boston Terrier may not have the proper markings and you know what I say… Who cares.

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Boston Terrier of Oz

What can I say about this funny Boston Terrier picture that you aren’t already thinking? If you remember the Wizard of Oz then you’ll get the humor in the costumes the Boston Terriers are wearing.

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A Couple of Sleepy Heads

They really seem so comfortable together don’t they? This is such a nice picture, I just had to share it with you.

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The Showdown

This is a showdown for the history books, this cute little Boston Terrier faces on against an equally sized feline foe. Now that is a little bit of an over exaggeration.

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Invisible Tug of War

Ah, there isn’t anything like a game of invisible tug of war. These two sweet little Boston Terriers seem to really be joying their game. This is just another prime example of the wonderful nature the Boston Terrier possesses.

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Frighteningly Funny Boston Terrier Picture

This is either the scariest picture of a Boston Terrier I have ever seen of the cutest. I think I am leaning toward the latter at the moment.

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Cleaning up after the 80′s

I really enjoyed this funny picture of a Boston Terrier trying to catch the balloon. And all silliness aside I wonder if he actually did catch it or not.

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Boston Terrier Pictures

This is an absolutely priceless Boston Terrier, one that successfully produces an “Awww” and laugh at the same time. Just be careful, hybrid sounds like that have been known to produce hiccups. You have been warned!

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